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Narrative epistemology posits that storytelling is meaning-making. Our stories and the stories of everyone in our sphere of influence creates, sustains, and molds the organizations we are a part of. Storytelling isn’t just intentional, internal and external communication strategies, but governs how people from production to accounting interact with and create the organizations they are a part of. I believe a good leader acts with a degree of Theros - an analytical voyeur above the fray of the daily mean-making games. This enables the crafting of a narrative that helps people, processes, and profit. No stakeholder ever needs left behind. 

This isn’t clan control, this is meeting people where they are in their stories and lifting them higher. We can lead direct, inform, and influence with courage, compassion, and authenticity. 


Gifted writer, passionate leader, and dedicated, servant educator.



Strategic communications   Communication audits




Strategic planning 




Conflict management    

Highly adaptable

Change management

Culture oriented

Stress resistant         


Education focused


Gonzaga                                         Adjunct Professor               2020-Present

Online Teach - COML 530 - Women, Communication, and Leadership 

Design and teach - Bus 268 - Equity & Storytelling

Design and teach Bus 269 - Personal Storytelling

SE Consulting NW                         Consultant                           2019-Present

Provide communication, leadership, or operational audits identifying areas for improvement; provide detailed strategic plan; change management; process improvement and creation; leadership training, coaching, and consulting; ongoing and as needed support; diversity, inclusivity, and equality training. 

Leading Ladies.                             Founder/CEO                       2020-Present

To empower young women to harness their authentic voice and take the lead in writing their own story. Women can and these Ladies will.
Most women have and still experience discrimination, oppression, or disenfranchisement due to implicit bias, unconscious expectations, and cultural narratives about what a woman can or should be. Leading Ladies wants to empower young women to write their story regardless of engrained cultural expectations.

MDSC.                                         Director of Operations                2018-2019

Responsible for all financial reporting, analysis, and strategic growth planning; maintain workflow by monitoring steps of the process; identifying bottlenecks and resolving; observing control points;monitoring personnel and resources; implementing cost reductions; developing reporting
procedures and systems; initiating and fostering a spirit of cooperation within and between people and departments; develop innovative problem resolution processes and encourage new ideas and methods; assess and provide feedback regarding performance to employees; maintain adequate staffing levels. Reduced costs by 23%.

WWU                                             Student Adviser                                  2017-2018
Provide a variety of advanced administrative, technical and student advisory support for the school of nursing; work closely with the Associate Dean to facilitate admissions and prospective student inquiries; advise current freshman and sophomore; event coordination and support; supervision of
student workers. 

WW Valley Medical Society          Operations                                        2016-2018

Work with physician led board on general meeting topics; independently plan, organize and execute monthly events; strategically manage  communication and marketing; actively engage local members and medical facilities; manage overall finances and operations; decreased expenses 20%; orchestrated increased meeting attendance by 32%.

Realtor Feb 2016 - November 2017

Wall 2 Wall                                     Accounting/Operations                    2015-2016

Manage cash flow; manage consignment inventory & revenue reporting; increase profitability by adjudicating client complaints and credits; HR functions including 401(k) management; increased client
retention through conflict management and dispute resolution; developed technique to reduce WIP accounting process from 20 hours to three.

Holes Unlimited                             Operations Manager                        2013-2015

Financial management; allocate available resources to enable successful task performance; organize orientation and training of new staff members; establish and monitor procedures for record keeping; implement procedural and policy changes to improve operational efficiency; prepare operational reports and schedules; negotiated & won union partnership dissolution; achieved profitability increase of 50%.

Creative Performance                       Accounting.                                    2012-2013

Conceptualize and administer company policies; payroll; financial management; utilized integrated project management and accounting system to verify appropriate revenue recognition and client invoicing;
executed migration of accounting from standalone to integrated project management system with little oversight.

Mt. Scott ENT             Client Services Manager/ Bookkeeper               2010-2012

Closely monitor financial benchmarks ensuring accuracy; process payroll and quarterly taxes; create and produce all marketing materials including brochures and online social media; work with providers and front office staff to ensure that all policies are created and executed in a way to facilitate patient flow.

Gonzaga University
PhD - Leadership



Increasing strategic communication and leadership skills exploring diversity, inclusivity, and equality. 

Gonzaga University
MA Communications & Leadership



Increasing strategic communication and leadership skills with a concentration in leadership and storytelling. GPA 4.0



Portland State University
BA English



Bachelor's of Arts in English with a concentration in grant writing and non-profits.