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I always wanted to be a writer, I just never knew that the most important thing I would ever write was my own story. My love of writing led to an attempt at a Journalism degree that ended with a BA in English after my son was born. As a young, single mother I was adrift in the stories other people were trying to write for me. My childhood developed a Class A people pleaser in me and adopting others stories became a fast track to the appeasement of others. Every so often I'd start swimming back to the shore of my true being only to be promptly carried out again by a new person, a new story to live by. Every time I would drift too far from the shore of my true being and would begin to panic. I would swim like hell trying to get back to my shore. But if you've ever seen a 'how to survive a rip current' infographic all I did was exhaust myself. Eventually, I would be so exhausted that I would give into the new story promising to save my life.

In my 30's, I finally grew tired of the waves beating me down, vowing finally to return to the shore of myself. Like a tow rope from heaven: story. I slowly began swimming parallel to shore, discarding things that no longer served me and all along the way I heard the whisper: story. I started to see how important the idea of stories had been to my life. I started reading other people's stories. With each memoir, I began to feel more alive, less alone. Then stories started to show up in my academic life and I could no longer ignore the whispers in the waves. Suddenly, I was back home. Feet firmly on my own sand, I began to rewrite my story. At the same time I began to research why stories were so powerful. Narrative, the format of stories, shows up in nearly ever discipline in both the social and physical sciences. I was floored. Actually, I was home and building a lighthouse for everyone else adrift and lost in a sea of stories that don't serve them. The first step in building the lighthouse is sharing in authentic, transparency my own story. Here it is. 

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